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This is our
promise to you.

Our commitment to outstanding quality in everything from the seeds to the growing environment of our crops, the flavour of our produce is like nothing else on offer.

Quality Guaranteed

At Esprit Vert we take our passion and experience in growing tomatoes to the highest level possible, within the current circumstances of what is permitted for importation to Mauritius, as well as the challenges posed by our Oceanic tropical maritime climate.

Toxin Free

Our food is not only nutritious and healthy to eat, but is also clean and free of toxins by all international standards and measures.

Non GMO Seed

Our seed is non-GMO. All care is given to our plants during their growth, including in the elements related to the converting of nutrients into metabolized energy. We use drip irrigation which contributes a major water saving and offers the highest efficiency achievable to provide water and nutrition to our plants.

Strictest Protocols

Nutrients are dissolved in water and as they are dosed using the latest computer driven algorithms, this ensures a complete metabolization into plant matter, meaning the plant fully converts and utilizes each element back to its natural form, as nature intended.

Pesticide Free

Decisions are based upon minimal social and environmental impact. Our “Pesticide Free” statement is a testament to the international best practices we deploy to minimize any environmental and human harm. Almost all treatments come from natural agents or agents that break down naturally, again, as nature intended.
Antivirus nets and sticky traps are also used to help keep insect pressure at sustainable levels. In times of very high humidity, leading to fungal challenges, certain pesticides or more aptly referred to as fungicides may be used, but in very limited quantities and applied in the strictest of regimes to ensure full compliance in the outcome of clean, untainted fruits at time of harvest. Thus, minimum residual levels result in either zero detection at laboratory testing, or, at levels so low that they are a mere fraction of both Mauritius and E.U. specified limits – meaning effectively “pesticide free” at a health and safety level.

Esprit Vert is working with the Authorities for consent to import the best biological control remedies for an even brighter and cleaner future. Until then, regular testing is done to ensure our compliance and frequent and random tests are carried out, duly maintained on our data base and are available upon request.