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Produce as
nature intended.

Esprit Vert brings you farm fresh, full flavour, pesticide-free produce grown locally right here in Mauritius.

You are what you eat

Who knows what’s actually in the food you eat? Esprit Vert does. We carefully tend to each stage of the growing process to provide you with only the freshest, post-organic, pesticide-free, non-GMO tomatoes and baby-leaf produce. Sustainable, eco-conscious and bursting with flavour, our produce is packed with nutrients and vitamins: as nature intended.

Organic Seed
Pesticide Free

Taste the difference

So much of the food we eat today tastes like… nothing much. But Esprit Vert produce is different: because of our commitment to outstanding quality in everything from the seeds to the growing environment of our crops, the flavour of our produce is like nothing else on offer. The full flavour of a sun-ripened pesticide-free tomato is a thing of beauty.

Our Products


Grown on your doorstep.

All of our vine crop tomatoes and soon to follow baby greens and micro greens are grown on our farm: two hectares of coco-peat controlled environment in the North of Mauritius. We believe in hyper-local, eco-conscious, fresh produce of the highest quality, and we’ve got the space to grow it.

Farming for the future.

Across the Indian Ocean, we are spearheading initiatives to develop sustainable farming practices. Our customized solutions help our clients to secure clean, fresh, world-class produce. We are also expanding our client service by moving downstream in supply and value chain ownership: reorganizing food supply chains for our own produce and our clients. Our knowledge is local but our reach is global.